Origami Austria Minimeetings

The Clock, the Paper and the Wardrobe The Clock, the Paper and the Wardrobe
by Anna Kastlunger & Gerwin Sturm

A very long late night folding session, or how wardrobes are connected with cuckoo clocks...


Crane Innovative new folding method
by Anna Kastlunger & Gerwin Sturm

Of course you all know the traditional crane. During our regular meetings we discovered a method to fold it even more efficiently and a lot faster. This version contains a completely unexpected folding sequence, which makes the folding process astonishingly easy and more enjoyable than ever before. Impress your friends by showing them that there are other ways to fold a crane. Here are the diagrams.


Box Pleating Guide How to fold Box Pleated CPs
by Gerwin Sturm

Part I - Understanding the CP (2007/02/05)
Part II - Precreasing (2007/01/28)
Part III - Collapsing 1 (2007/01/31)
Part IV - Collapsing 2 (2007/02/05)
Part V - Collapsing 3 (in progress)

Fünftel Basics
How to fold Fifths
by Anna Kastlunger

How to fold Fifths (2013/06/10)

Model help

Jason Ku - Hydralisk 2.5 Jason Ku - Hydralisk 2.5
by Gerwin Sturm

This file offers help for folding the Hydralsik model by Jason Ku from CP.

The original CP by Jason Ku can be found here:
Hydralisk CP on Jason Ku's homepage