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Works of Satoshi Kamiya by Satoshi Kamiya


This book by the "God of Origami" includes some of his nicest models. Along with every model you get a short story of the model as well as a crease pattern and very detailed diagrams which often exceed hundred steps. All models belong to the category of super complex models, require neither scissors nor glue and start from a square

Number of models19
Starting formatssquares
Cuts, Glueno
Diagram qualityvery good
Photos of finished modelsyes




Carnotaurus .
No picture yet.
Eagle Ray .
No picture yet.
Splash! (Swan) .
Splash! (Swan)
Pegasus .
Hercules Beetle .
No picture yet.
Divine Dragon (Bahamut) .
No picture yet.
Kirin .
No picture yet.
Tyrannosaurus .
No picture yet.
Inoshihigami (The Devine Boar) .
No picture yet.
Barosaurus .
No picture yet.
Unicorn .
The Yellow Bird .
The Yellow Bird
Blue Whale .
No picture yet.
Smilodon .
Orca .
No picture yet.
Coelophysis .
Wizard .
No picture yet.
Ancient Dragon .
Ancient Dragon
Mammuthus primigenius .
Mammuthus primigenius

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